If you are a Black Belt every Friday night at 6:15pm we have special training with GMS / Assisted by Master Davis – Try to make those special training classes and hone your skills and strength. It is a must to attain higher levels and optimize your self defense skills, patterns and sparring drills . This class is for just black belts.

Also all Black Belts are required to attend one training camp per year as part of their ranking exam and one regular exam. Any question ask your instructor.

  • Leadership Skills
  • Philosophy- History
  • Teaching Methods
  • Mental Power
  • Confidence
  • Weapons Defense
  • Advanced Patterns
  • Advanced Breaking
  • Inner Power
  • Ground Defense
  • Fighting Combat Skill
  • Joint Manipulation
  • Locks & Control Moves

And so much more!! Your cost for this Black Belt class is dedication, sweat and focus.