GMA Attendance system is up, I personally love the new attendance kiosk.

To all members please make sure you have a scan card or your student ID number memorized. This is a great trick, take a picture of the barcode on your phone and you can scan your phone.

The new system keeps full track of your rank and all classes attended. Just like going to the university you must know your required curriculum, study and attend as much as you can. You can also view curriculum videos on our student login page by registering on our GMA Kicksite portal.

You must also attend the required classes to be eligible to test, the new kiosk lets you know how many classes you will need. I’m the end your hard work will payoff and you will be a great black belt and have the skills to defend yourself and the needed confidence to overcome the obstacles in your life.

You should have a link in your email, by registering online, you can add your photo, add a phone number for weekly text updates, closed days, updates, see future exam test scores, register for exams, events and camps. If you have not received a link visit the office to verify your email and update your info.

** Please feel free to share any improvements you have achieved by learning martial arts and if you have had any life changes.