Notice GMA is Open:

You can also watch videos on the GMA Kicksite… Login Into Your Account.

Please note we are disinfecting frequently and we are currently open. We will be closed this Saturday to focus on more cleaning and reopen Monday 03/23/2020

Note: GMA normally uses hospital grade cleaners rejuvenal, microban and commercial grade Lysol daily. (this is our normal cleaning procedure) to keep all members safe during normal training. We have tripled up the daily cleaning to keep an even safer environment. If you are feeling sick please stay at home and enjoy the GMA videos.

We are offering all day camps for the kids that have “no health issues” for the parents that need to work and for healthcare workers. Call about the cost and member discounts. If you are a healthcare worker ask about our extra camp specials.

However If you decide to stay at home you can log into your GMA Kicksite Account and watch your specific curriculum video and other videos are there to watch so you can practice. If you need us to resend you the registration invitation please message us.

**** We will be adding more videos next week for BJJ, HapKiDo, Gumdo, and daily things to practice, this way students can train also at home to stay fit and keep training, learning, stretching and learning.

Remember the best thing is to stay fit and eat right to keep your immune system strong and avoid stress. Things like working out, probiotics, tea and hot beverages, turmeric and vitamins may help your immune system. Also remember to help others and the elderly by making sure their needs are met durning this time in need.

Thank You
KwanJangNim Spillmann

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