Grandmaster Certified – 9TH Dan Black Belt | Rocian Gracie Brazilian JiuJitsu Black Belt

KwanJangNim Spillmann a 9th Dan / Degree Black Belt has been training in TaeKwonDo and the martial arts for around 55 years and has been seen in printed media, movies and several television shows. He has been a strong force in the Martial Arts community for over 45 years and has helped many Masters achieve successful academies and lives with his teaching and professional business methods. He has worked with professional fighters, professional athletes, law enforcement, the US Military and even with several foreign military units teaching hand to hand combative and street defensive techniques. He has performed demonstrations for many city events including a demonstration in front of 15,000 at the Orlando Magic Arena half time show. He has also taught self defense and motivational seminars for several major companies.

KwanJangNim Spillmann has assisted many adults and youths not only in learning great martial arts and practical self defense, but improving life skills, overcoming drug addication, overcoming anger issues, improving goal setting skills, conquering confidence problems, overcoming concentration issues and developing positive thinking, while acquiring peace of mind and inner strength. Through his elite leadership martial arts programs, many students achieve top grades, have gone on to top universities and have been very successful in their careers and finding happiness in their lives.

KwanJangNim Spillmann has fostered children, worked with many youths in poverty stricken areas in the USA, India and throughout the world, assisting them in becoming outstanding citizens and future leaders. He has also raised thousands for charity over the years with his amazing block breaking strength and even holds a record for breaking over 411 concrete blocks for Saint Jude’s Children’s Cancer Research, shattering all his previous records. In late 1987 he broke 250 (3x8x16) Endcap Blocks in under 48 seconds for D.A.R.E. He also continues to help raise funds for local charities, schools and fundraising events. KwanJangNim Spillmann, overcoming many struggles and a challenging childhood, has received many trophies and medals for competing in martial arts competitions and awards for his dedication to martial arts and teaching.

He has also written several business manuals and a martial arts business book to help other school owners teach, structure and run professional academies. KwanJangNim Spillmann has served on the advisory boards of a University and several private companies and because of his skills has held several vice president positions for several major martial arts organizations. He has won many martial art competitions, received community awards, a state commendation for public service and even a national and a state senate award. KwanJangNim Spillmann additionally received many other citations for dedication to the martial arts community.

KwanJangNim Spillmann has worked hard to achieve the levels of Grandmaster 9th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo, 7th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster in HapKiDo, 4th Degree Black Belt Master in Karate, Black Belt in Rocian Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and he holds ranking in the IBJJF and several other martial art styles. KwanJangNim Spillmann is also Vice President of several organizations and is one of the highest ranking Instructors in the country; he has produced hundreds of Black Belts, champions and many school owners worldwide.

If you have the golden opportunity to learn and earn a Black Belt under KwanJangNim Spillmann or one of his certified masters it will be a life changing experience. KwanJangNim Spillmann has produced many superior black belts, national champions, top competitors, life champions, and changed many children’s and adults’ lives. Through his black belt leadership methods taught at his academies for several decades, students have gained wealth, happiness, health and have gone onto many top universities and fantastic careers.

He says his program works best when parents treat his program as a life education not just a seasonal sport, and when students attend on a regular basis and work hard to achieve a black belt.

My Family – My Students – My Friends

By: KwanJangNim Spillmann

Looking back, the past was a terrific teacher, but I do not live in the past. If you spend your time in the past there is no room for your future. I am not perfect and I have fought my own fears, many challenges and had to overcome so many obstacles and prejudices in my life to rise to my current level and become vice president of several top organizations. I am a good martial artist, great teacher, loving husband and a loving father. I am not rich or poor and even my family like many others in this world have experienced many hardships. However I am blessed not with money but with my wonderful martial arts family, my wife, children, foster children, grandchildren and many wonderful friends.

My hero are my parents (my father passed in 2015) they tried their best during tough times and always loved us. I also was blessed with my Grandmasters military toughness and philosophy which helped me survive and overcome so many obstacles. Then there is my wife who is my strength, she has been struggling for several years with serious asthma and food allergies. She has a big heart and is a blessing to everyone that knows her and she has the true never give up attitude. Even with all her struggles she is a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, teacher and martial arts master instructor. Even on the worst days she continues to put on her uniform, ties her belt, smiles and runs an excellent demonstration team till this day. To me she is an example for all children and adults of the never quit or give-up attitude.

I am additionally blessed to have wonderful children that helped and given up so much and worked hard to be the best they can be in the dojang and academically. They always did their best to set an example for others. Even with life’s struggles our family will never lessen our dedication or sacrifice towards our martial arts family, friends, school owners or any of our thousands of students all over the world. We sleep well at night knowing we have always given our best and have been more than fair and kind with everyone we have met.

There might have been one or two people in the past who said unkind words about us online to gain students, However we forgave them and the few that took advantage of our kindness and trust to make a dollar off our backs. We always tried to share everything we made and sometimes even more. Only a business owner understands the struggles of running a martial arts school and the sacrifice required to excel above others. We even opened our home on holidays for instructors and students that had no families so they would not be alone on those special days, sharing with them what we had. I want everyone to remember sometimes what one person sees as wealth is not wealth but kindness and years of sacrifice. We take comfort from the love of our family and the respect of our children, friends, students, peers and the many Grandmasters. Masters and Instructors that we are blessed to know.

We as a family are mindful that every person who enters our academy does so for a different personal reason. We will continue treating students as family and working to change their lives in a positive way based on each individual’s personality, needs and goals. Martial Arts are about developing stronger leaders for a peaceful tomorrow and overcoming life’s negativity, evil and injustice. We will also continue helping the community area schools, the less fortunate children and sponsoring children’s cancer research. We will all do our best to continue improving and growing for our students and seeking to pass on all our traditional martial art knowledge.

My desk and dojang is always open to all my students and all our friends. As a family we believe in being fair to all our students; so to be fair we have all our academy rules and tuition policies posted at all our schools. These rules and policies can also be viewed online at our website and are listed on your registration paperwork. I expect these polices and rules to be followed by all students to keep fairness and unity among all family members.

“You are our family, you are our friends my home and school is always open to you if your heart is true” GMS

Area Masters & School Owners: Our Organization of Schools

I invite any school owner that would like to be part of GMA USA to join and grow with us as a friendship school. I will help you with all my knowledge and the love I have for martial arts. I also invite anyone to come and sit with me and talk and share ideas, my door is always open to all martial art masters and students. In the end, I really want all great martial art schools to grow and teach great martial arts methods and positive philosophy.

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Quote: “Haters are jealous people who are so obsessed with everyone else’s business but their own and thrive off of everyone else’s hard work.” (unknown)

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Martial Arts is for Everyone

Even with the struggles in his life, KwanJangNim Spillmann has always tried to stay positive. He learned to turn the negatives into positives, and he truly understands the emotions behind being bullied as a child. Until this day, he has never forgotten, but has gained tremendous knowledge and spiritual strength from his past hardships. He understands what it is to be a child born with struggles and working to overcoming life’s ongoing obstacles.

In today’s world with all the medications and fake food it has even become a greater challenge for most people, and our politicians only seems to care about companies that push medicines, soy fillers, GMO’s and preservatives which harm us. His advice is, “Have fun, exercise and eat natural foods. Weight is secondary and even skinny people die of strokes, cancer and heart attacks.” He says sedentary people of all sizes risk dying earlier. So be active, have fun and love who you are.

Just get up and keep moving, walk, play and set new goals. Achieving a Black belt is a great start to a stronger positive life. He articulates that at his academy, we all focus on positive energy, self defense and self health. All sizes and ages are welcome and nobody judges. We are all here to improve our lives. He says he learned a long time ago to ignore the ignorant. You cannot fix stupid. Just because you are a big, does not make you stupid or lazy, no more than if you are skinny makes you a genius and/ or a hard worker. He knows plenty of lazy, unintelligent people of all sizes. Either way, it does not give anyone the right to belittle others. In fact many people at times have to work much harder to achieve in a world of indifferent negative people. Set big goals in life, work hard and never give up on your dreams. Our doors are open to everyone you are our family.

GM Spillmann is a registered ASEP strength and conditioning coach.

“Happiness starts within our hearts and that positive energy spreads to others, become a voice of love not hatred” GMS


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