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GMA Educational Home School Tutorial Program: (Grades 3rd & Up)


The GMA Homeschool Tutorial Program is an online homeschooling program supplemented by grade appropriate lessons in a classroom environment. Each accepted student will follow an online, approved curriculum for their core subjects through an accredited site. In addition, supplemental lessons and other subjects are taught and applied through assignments given by the classroom academic tutor/ director. Work level and load will depend on the individual needs of each student.

Our Goal:

The bottomline goal of the GMA Homeschool Tutorial Program is to provide a viable, affordable alternative to the public school system while providing a custom learning environment to create knowledgeable leaders ready for tomorrow’s world.

The struggles of modern parenting, often in a two parent working household, are growing rapidly. Balancing work, house and family while attempting to provide a good education for children, has become nearly impossible with all of the current issues in our community.

GMA’s focus is to provide an excellent academic educational environment while assisting parents and students in navigating through the challenges faced by so many families.

Academic Daily Schedule:

  • Each day, the students would arrive between 8:30am and 9:30am.
  • Students will attend daily Martial Arts Class at 9:30am or 4:30pm for their PE grade.
  • 10:15am, the students can change and eat a snack (provided).
  • 10:30am, the students will work independently on their online assignments (Acellus) while the tutor assists each student in turn.
  • 12:30pm, the students will break for lunch brought from home (NO peanut products please).
  • 12:50pm, the students who are done eating have free play recess in the dojang.
  • 1:15pm, the students will take part in daily lessons in groups divided by age and ability. Those who are not being taught in the groups will continue their online work.
  • 2:00pm, the student groups will switch out, so that each set of students has a daily lesson.
  • 2:45pm, students finish up classwork and do any homework assigned.
  • 3:30pm, end of the school day.

Cost $175 to $200 Per Week:

Additional Service: After School Program

3:30pm to 6:00pm, After School Program
ASP: $100.00 Week: ( Includes Martial Arts) ** If you are already in the Home Tutorial Program Add $25.00 per week.

Call for space availability and to schedule an assessment interview:
615-989-7945 Ext 4

We also Offer After School Pick-up from local area schools.

About Our Center:

GMA Elite After School Program is an alternative to daycare at an elite learning and martial arts training center. With almost 15,000 sq ft, we offer a great program for children age 5 to 12. We believe in whole self-development of students, including life skills, leadership skills, academics, physical development, and age-appropriate social growth. We are advocates for parent – teacher – instructor communication in order to best assist each student in reaching his/her full potential.

(After School Program) Each day, there is a short academic review lesson after snack and before play. During snack time, social interaction and talking about a student’s day are encouraged in order to review, to open opportunity to discuss problem solving skills, or to reinforce positive actions or academic success. Individual reading times are incorporated at parents’ requests.

Group reading activities incorporate other subjects and different learning areas while focusing on age-level skills to encourage young readers to stay motivated to research and learn. In class, individual tutoring or school classwork review is available upon a parent’s request.

Free play before martial art classes each day (or for those not attending martial arts) is monitored. While interacting and having fun, each student learns fair play, good attitudes when winning or losing, and other social skills which will transfer to their home and school life outside our academy.

This program is designed to complement the focuses in our martial art classes, as well as to standing alone as a wonderful after-school experience for our community’s children. We are currently picking up at Guild, Howard, and Benny Bills elementary schools. More schools will be added as we expand the program. (Call to ask if we pick up from your school or to add your school.)

Ages 5 to 12 years of age

Activities and Benefits:

  • Transportation from local schools
  • Review of school day
  • Tutoring available upon request
  • Teacher/ parent/ instructor communication sheets
  • Academic activities and play
  • Life Skills learning & activities
  • Manners, discipline & leadership
  • Confidence, anti-bullying & goal setting
  • Friendship & cooperation, focus etc)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Martial Arts – Optional (TaeKwonDo or Gracie Jiu-Jitsu)
  • Free-play and supervised games
  • NO Bully Zone
  • Family Atmosphere
  • Snack
  • All staff are background checked
  • All staff are over 20 Years Old
  • All staff are CPR certified
  • Child Development Expert (Bachelor’s Degree CSUF)
  • Certified Master Level MA Teachers
  • 6 Week Summer Program available

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Ask For the GMA After School Program Director or schedule a tour of our location.


PICK-UP FROM LOCAL SCHOOLS UNTIL 5:30PM – WEEKLY (Extended Time Offered Extra Fee)

After School Monthly Tuition Fee:

Pick-up from local schools – until 5:30pm

Includes snacks & martial arts classes.

$100 per week (Includes Martial Arts)

$30 per week – Summer weekly maintenance fee if you are in the ASP  (For Martial Arts – to hold your spot)


Members: $190 to $200 for the week (If camp is offered at that time)

Non Members: $230 to $250 per week. (If camp is offered at that time)

Camp Times: 7:30 to 5:30pm Weekly (Extend Times Offered – Extra Fee)

Major holidays we are closed like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Labor Day, Memorial Day & 4th of July Weekend.

*We may also close for severe weather days.

To maintain status in the program there is a weekly $30 Maintenance Fee During Summer Break. You are still billed the normal rate durning teacher days, school holidays and federal holidays.

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