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Professional Martial Arts School: GMA asks that all members follow posted school rules. Please check your email, you should be receiving a welcome package and emails that also explain our methods, rules, and login information. If you do not receive those emails please check your spam box. GMA sends event and holiday closed days info via email and text ( If option is activated) so please make sure your contact information is updated online.

Student Portal: When you first joined you should receive an email with the information needed to register on the (GMA Kicksite Portal) once you register you can view training videos, your exam scores, your paperwork and you can update your payment information. Visit then login into the Kicksite Student Portal ( top right button) there you can reset your password and make a payment, update your credit card, view invoices, attendance history, exam grading scores, school updates, events, closed days, and holiday schedules.

Student Referral Bonus: It is a requirement that students and parents recommend others to our academy. Student referrals help the school keep costs down and help you save money. By referring people you can receive Free Classes. When you refer a person you receive (1) one point: when you reach (5) points, you will receive $50 off the following month’s tuition or one free belt exam. Additionally, if anyone you referred joins you will receive a $50 gift card or you can use the credit towards tuition or exams.

GMA Offers Two Payment Options: 1) Paid in full program or 2) a financed course paid monthly on a contracted term. If you choose a financed course (Discounted) program you must fulfill your contract terms and make all payments. Whether you attend classes or not you are still responsible for all payments. You can update your payment information in the office or on your student portal.

Tuition is Due: Your tuition is due on or before your due date once your account is two days late there is a $20 late fee. It is the member’s responsibility to keep an updated Credit Card on file. If your card is rejected there is a $10 NSF fee per member on the account for each credit card NSF or failure. Returned check NSF Fee $25 plus any added late fees. GMA is a family-run school, so your timely tuition is appreciated.

Auto-Renewal – A 30 day written notice must be given prior to auto-renewal to cancel the program – Once your program renews there is a $100 cancelation fee within the first 30 days, after 30 days into the auto-renewal the cancellation fee is 40% of the contract balance plus an early termination fee. (You must give a 30 day written notice prior to Auto-Renewal) 

Attendance:  When you joined you should receive a scan card to log in your attendance. We also explained that all students must attend a minimum of 2 times per week so It is very important that you check-in at every visit to maintain the credits needed to advance in your training and to have the credits needed to qualify for your next belt exam.

Activity Conflicts: Please note If you originally signed up for a program and then signed up for other activities that conflict with classes “it is not our responsibility” to give any monetary or time credit or cancel your program. You are paying for instruction and space in the training room. If a parent overbooks a child/child’s schedule, or an adult student overbooks their own schedule or changes their employment it is not a reason for cancellation. Before you join make sure you can meet our weekly train requirements of 2 to 4 times per week. It is your responsibility to attend classes and pay for the reaming months on your contracted program, you must pay for classes whether you attend or not. Any vacation time or medical credits must be given in writing and will be given at the end of the program chosen. Any classes missed under 30 days can be made up during the next 2 months. If it is more than 30 days a Doctors note might be needed for a class time extension.

Holidays / Closed Days: GMA will post all closed days on our Facebook page, at the academy, and via email. GMA closes for major holidays and you will still be charged since we do not prorate those days, make-up classes can be made up during any appropriate scheduled time over the following 2 months. When you join you are only billed for 4 weeks, there are some months that have 5 weeks and that makes up for the difference in the closed days. GMA is closed these weekends: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. GMA at times will close Saturdays for exams, events, parades and will post any other closed days.

Sickness, Vacations, and Missed Classes: GMA follows a constant daily cleaning regiment and uses hospital-grade disinfectants. There are also wall hand-sanitizer stations around the academy, we also recommend washing your hands before and after classes. if you are sick with a virus or bacterial infection we ask everyone to be considerate of others, so please stay at home until you are no longer contagious and or cleared by your physician to resume physical activities. GMA is a facility with children, adults, and families attending so as in most schools or gyms, there is always a risk of injuries when training with others or groups; including the also possible transmission of a sickness. As a buyer, student, parent, or member you acknowledge all these health risks and will indemnify GMA, staff, instructs, students, members, parents and you will hold all others in our facility harmless and you will indemnify GMA from any legal action or damages. (Please also review your student registration paperwork) If you will be missing a full week of classes dues to vacation or sickness please call the academy and talk with one of our instructors or leave a message. 615-989-7945 Ext15:  You can make up missed classes in any approved class times. Please note you financed a program and whether you attend classes or not you are still responsible for all tuition payments. We do not give refunds on any classes missed. If you visit the school/academy sick you will be asked to leave and return another day.

Additional Fees: The only additional fees besides tuition is equipment fees, extra uniforms, t-shirts, tournaments, extra union dues, and belt exams. Belt exams cover exam supplies and help cover and s supplement equipment costs and added operational fees. NO Refunds on Tuition, Camps, or Belt Exams.

Weight Room: Adults 16 years of age or older, may use our training room at no cost if they are martial arts members or parents.  However if the training you must follow the gym requirements and go through the rules with one of our staff members. Safety is the key and cleanliness so use a GMA towel or bring your own towel to wipe off the sweat and you must wear workout clothing and sneakers. No sleeveless shirts or tank tops (Rules are posted)

After School Program & Summer Camps: GMA also offers an after-school program for $95 -$105 per week which includes pick up from local schools, assistance with homework, arts/crafts, supplemental education, snacks, and drinks. ASP Members are still billed for closed teacher days or one or two-day holidays.  If the school is closed for a full week, spring break, or summer break you will only be billed $25 for the martial arts portion of your program and to hold your position. We also offer Summer Kids Camps with 2 daily snacks and daily fun activities from 8 am to 5:30 pm for only $150 Weekly.

Cancellation Options: As per your signed contract to cancel a “financed course” you must be approved and also be current on tuition & give 30 days’ written notice and pay the cancellation fees of 40% of the reaming contractual balance plus the $100 early termination fee. You can also transfer your program to a family member or qualifying non-member. Not attending or just avoiding your contract will cause credit and collection issues.

Fresh Start Program: GMA does offer a one-time fresh start program for members that might have lost a job or got behind on their payments. However, you can not default on a Fresh Start Program or you will be responsible to pay the program in full to avoid collections.

Martial Art Training is a serious sport and life-changing discipline that requires weekly training of 2 to 4 times per week. As per your contract we do not refund, credit, or put programs on hold for activity conflict