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Tutoring Fees: $40.00 per hour
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Master Spillmann holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development and has an extensive comprehension of the issues facing today’s youths as they grow and learn in an adverse society. She incorporates her understanding and skills into the GMA Whole Child Program which has grown to be an even stronger, more effective method of emotional, intellectual, social and physical growth assistance.

At GMA, we have always taken academics seriously and that is why we also offer tutoring to help children improve grades. Report cards are checked before testings and are included in a child’s readiness to attain the next belt level. By the time a student reaches black belt, top grades are expected and gained within our proven program.

Additionally by training in martial arts the benefits lead to a confident feeling, a healthier lifestyle and keeps the mind sharper. While developing the mind and practicing how to overcome life’s obstacles children can overcome academic hardships with our tutoring classes.

For decades, GMA and its instructors have dedicated their instruction to assisting in the growth of well-rounded students who will make a constructive impact on society and be pillars in their own communities. Many GMA students over the years have become leaders in their communities, doctors, lawyers, engineers and confident, influential adults. Our GMA family welcomes all those who wish to work toward success and strive for the best.

We welcome those hands-on parents who are looking to develop their child / children into future leaders.

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