GMA - SDS (Self-Defense System)

The SDS program is good for all teens and adults that want to learn practical self defense as they improve conditioning, better focus, improved mental strength and self confidence. Students are treated like family and become physically and mentally stronger as they learn the SDS curriculum, advance in rank and work towards a black belt in Kickboxing and our proven street Self Defense System.

This program is a must for Law Enforcement and an ongoing commitment of learning and maintaining the fundamentals of our (Self Defense System) SDS Curriculum, which incorporates the best self defense methods of several martial art styles.

We feel this system is well suited for civilians, professional law enforcement and military personnel. The best way to be prepared is to learn practical self defense and fighting methods.

In the end the training in practical self defense and traditional military arts will give you a fighting chance and could save your life, so a commitment to excellence, training and self protection should be your goal in this crazy world.

Our goal is to bring to you or your group the most current practical and realistic street self defense techniques to increase your chances of survival in the real world.

The classes are Monday & Wednesday Nights 7pm / Kickboxing / Self Defense – Morning Discounted Group Seminars are also available.

Classes are taught by: Grandmaster Spillmann 9th Degree Black Belt and Sifu William Vardeman both have over 50 years experience.

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