GMA Classes for Special Needs

At GMA all our students are special but at times some children need a little assistance in life to maximize their potential and bring them inner peace and balance.

Our aim is to give every child the opportunity to achieve their true potential in learning by developing their personal life and intellectual skills. In order to achieve this it means that there will be times in a child’s martial arts education that they will need additional instruction to help them fulfill their martial art and educational potential.

This can take the form of a program tailored to a child’s individual needs. It might involve the use of additional one on one sessions with our in house child development teacher and private classes with our school Master. Our academy has a Special Needs educational policy which helps to ensure that all children receive the right level of support and guidance. An important part of this policy is to ensure that parents receive as much support and information as possible.

  • We will have to schedule a Free private trial time to asses your child to see which program he /she will need.
  • After the assessment class we will sit with you in private to see if your child can start regular classes.
  • If your child needs a couple of private classes to assimilate into the program we will schedule them at a convenient time for everyone.
  • Some children are not ready to learn martial arts in a group class due too aggressive tendencies.
  • The tuition will be based on the needs of your child and if any private classes are needed.
  • We do not give prices on special needs programs on the phone since we do not know what is needed without meeting your child.
  • We recommend at least 3-5 classes per week for special needs children.
  • Missing classes does not benefit your child, your full commitment, dedication and perseverance as a parent is need.
  • At times as a parent we must understand that we also have to change our parenting methods to help our children.
  • Our goal is to develop a stronger balanced child that does not need to live on medication as an adult.

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