AcademyCancellation Policies: Q & A

I am having financial issues or need to cancel my program?

In order to maintain the professional academy with the great instruction our students love, we believe in being upfront and want to be fair to all our students. That is why we have set company policies to avoid any confusion about billing, tuition fees, cancellations fees, cancellation procedures and our policies. As operating a business is not free and our employees need to support their own families, we need to maintain a professional academy with set tuition rates and set rules to maintain a top academy for our students and our employees who depend on us as a martial arts family.

If you signed up for a discounted contract special and for any reason you need to cancel your contract, you need to follow the below cancellation policies to avoid any confusion or negative feelings. It is always sad to see a student leave and we understand everyone has different reasons for leaving. (Loss of a job, financial issues, schedule changes, family sickness, time requirements, loss of interest or other outside activities).

GMA wants all our student to always understand that even if you leave, we will always be a family. That is why we always work with all our students and try to be fair to everyone. To create family fairness, we always follow the academy’s set rules and policies. All rules are additionally posted at the academy and on your signed pink agreement copy that was given to you at registration. When a student joins, we are 100% up front about our programs and all cancellation policies. We hope that you return someday and achieve a Black Belt at GMA and in doing so, we will give you the first month free on your new student agreement.

Note: All cancellation policies are listed below on the registration paperwork and posted at the school.

I am having a financial problem and want to continue. Can you help me so I can keep training?

If you are having some financial trouble, we have a start fresh program or can put your account on a temporary hold.

These are other ways we can help:

  1. Temporary Hold ( 2- 3 Month Max )
  2. Start Fresh Program
  3. Refer new members every month to reduce tuition fees.

Please come talk to us so we can work something out. We understand that at times, life can be a struggle and as a family, our goal is to help you achieve a black belt.

How do I cancel my program?

It is sad to see a student quit. We will miss you and always consider you our family.

When a buyer / student joins, we explain all our program options and cancellation polices. If the buyer / student chooses a discounted program in order to get a large savings and then wants to cancel, we need to recoup our costs on the savings and free items given.

We offer three tuition options on programs:

  1. Contract Discount Special
  2. Non-Contract
  3. Paid in full.

To cancel any of these programs you need to visit the academy and fill out a drop class form. Due to the large discounts there are no refunds on paid in full programs or registration fees.

If you are not sure which program you are on please call or review your student agreement.

Non-Contract – Less Discounts – 30 Day Notice + Drop Class Form.

Contract Discount Special – 30 Day Notice – Class Drop Form + $100 Cancellation Fee + 40% Of The Remaing Contract Balance
Paid in Full – Bigger Discounts – No Refunds Due To Discounts.

  • Any program cancellations must be handled in person. (NO PHONE CANCELLATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED)
  • You must hand deliver a 30 day written notice. ( Please visit the academy and give it to your instructor)
  • Calling a couple of days before the tuition due date is not a 30 day notice.
  • To avoid any confusion or lost cancellation notices, you must also fill out a drop class cancellation form.
  • You must be current on all past due tuition fees and pay for any pro-ration fees for months used.
  • There is a standard $100 cancellation fee + 40 % of the remaining balance of your contract to cover the large discounts
    and free uniform given when you agreed to join the finaced program to recieve those special discounts.
  • You are not released from your contract until the academy approves your cancellation.
  • You can transfer your program to a friend and save on cancellation fees. (Must be a new member)
  • You will be responsible for all tuition fee’s due up to the cancellation date.
  • There are no-refunds on any paid in-full contracts

What happens if I just leave, avoid paying or don’t cancel?

Remember, as per your contract, your tuition is still due whether you attend classes or not.

We want to be fare to all our students and treat students like family. if you just skip on your commitment, your contract will stay active and accumulate tuition & late fees. Until you fill out a class drop form and pay all past due fees, pro-ration fees and the $100 cancellation fee your contract will be active.

Note: If you just skip on your obligation or try to avoid us we will consider you a no-pay. After 90 days your contract will be due in full, sent to an outside company for collections and can reflect on your credit. All legal, late fees and collection fees required to enforce your contract will then become your responsibility. We would rather handle this in house and in a positive family way, so please visit the academy and talk with us.

What if I need a copy of my contract?

If you lost your contract copy, please visit the school or log into the student portal. We do not mail or fax contract copies to students. You will have to visit the academy to receive a copy.

Visit our Student Portal

What if I paid in-full?

Due to the large discounts given on paid in full programs, no refunds will be given and prorations will be bassed on the non discounted monthly rates. $189 to $250 per month per person.


GMA believes in being upfront and honest about our billing guidelines and we offer many program options and discounts. ​​​ If you are willing to commit to a 12 month or longer program you will save more, however you are responsible to complete your chosen program or follow required cancellation procedures.

  • GMA does not offer refunds on discounted programs or paid in full discounted programs.
  • GMA offers several program 3 & 6 Month Short Term, 12 & 36 Discounted Long Term Contracts & Non-Discounted Month To Month – You are responsible to pay for the program you signed.
  • If for any reason you want to cancel a financed 12/24/36 month program a 30 day written notice must be given – there will be a $100 cancellation fee plus 40% of the remaining balance due on the contract must be paid to cancel.
  • GMA does not give refunds or adjustments or refunds on any time missed classes.
  • Any missed classes must be made up during the month classes were missed in.
  • You are responsible to pay your tuition whether you attend classes or not.
  • As a courtesy, GMA will extend a maximum of one month class credit for vacation time with prior written notification. However you must pay your monthly payment on time – credit will be given at the end of your contract with a one month class time credit on your new contract.
  • Class time extensions are offered for students that are registered in basic 12 -24-36 month program.
  • GMA may offer you extended Class Credit Time in certain circumstances.
  • GMA will extend a maximum of 2 months for medical injuries with a certified physician letter.
  • GMA does not give class time extensions for other sport activities. (Unless Pre Approved at Sign Up)
  • If you lose you job or fall on hard times and still want to train please contact the office so we can get you back on track and assist you. If you just want to quit then you need to follow cancellation procedures.
  • If you move over a 25 mile radius ( from your original address further from the academy) you may cancel if you give a 30 day written notice and you are current on your tuition and pay a $100 cancellation fee. ( Proof is required – New License – Electric Bill )
  • If you need to cancel for disability reason ( non preexisting issues) You may cancel if you give a 30 day written notice and you are current on your tuition and pay a $100 cancellation fee. You must also have a certified physician letter or SSD disability letter.
  • If you your account goes 30-60 day delinquent it will forwarded to collections so please close you account in a timely manner.

Do you have contracts?

Yes we offer a discounted 12 month contract to make sure students / parents are making a serious commitment to learning the martial arts. However we do offer paid in full short term programs and a cancellation options. At times a contract is a great benefit to motivate students to attain a goal of a Black Belt. Quitting things all the time does not help develop life skills, goal setting or dedication.

A contract also helps prevent students from quitting when learning and workouts get challenging, Our experience is most the time students love the program but parents lose dedication to bring them to normal training classes. It takes the dedication of the student and the support of the family to achieve a hire level of success in life.

Does martial arts training help with confidence, discipline / ADD / ADHD?

Yes absolutely we have helped hundreds of children to avoid the need for being medicated. Our program has a proven track record when parents follow our teaching and modified parenting methods, When you visit our instructors will give you an assessment to see if our program and our child developmental program fits your childs needs. When you visit our academy please ask to read our testimonial book filled with happy students.

How many time per week should I attend?

Many students and parents ask this question. I guess the question should be do you want to play martial arts or learn martial arts? Our opinion is if you plan on attending once per week you are wasting your money. We normally recommend a student commits to several times per week ( 2 to 5) obviously the more you train the more proficient you will become. However by attending at least 2 times per week you will advance at a normal rate. Just remember the more you attend the more benefits a student will gain.

Why does one martial arts school cost more than another?

Most the time the cost can vary due to the instructor’s credentials, instructor’s Black Belt levels, instructor’s experience, academy memberships to top organizations and the quality of the teaching. Also the quality of the facility, equipment, rent, utilities, size of the facility and the cost to maintain top Master level instructors.

How long does it take to reach a Black Belt?

It normally takes 4- 5 years to attain a 1st Degree black belt level. There are 10 levels of black belt and to attain all those levels can take a life time of dedication and hardwork.

How can a child be a Black Belt?

All students must attend a set number of classes for each belt level earned and must understand the curriculum for their level. As for child wearing a Black Belt – it is all in the certification and on their paperwork they are considered (Poome) Junior Black Belts at the age of 16 their next levels will transfer to say Adult (Dan Level) Black Belt. It is a great benefit to start a child at a young age in martial arts to give them a stronger edge in life.