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Congratulations on visiting our website and taking the first step to change your life. We look forward to working with all people who want to grow and change their lives at a high-level training center. At GMA Martial Arts Center, we believe that martial arts training can help every child, teen and adult develop the mental skills needed to break bad habits, overcome fears and smash the obstacles that hinder our successes in life

GMA Martial Arts Center isn’t just about teaching practical self-defense or fighting skills but striving to assist people as they work to improve their physical fitness level, mental fitness, flexibility, and stamina. GMA students also learn proven ancient methods to strengthen their minds, body, and immune systems. Through living a healthier lifestyle, positive thinking, perseverance, and dedication, a person will gain personal power which is essential to improve mental health and achieving peace of mind.

At GMA Martial Arts, we additionally assist students in building self-confidence, improved focus, mental growth and confident, positive social interaction while encouraging students to leave egos at the front door so that learning is not hindered. As a GMA student grows over time, each will be empowered with the knowledge and the life skills necessary to navigate through today’s modern, often difficult world.

GMA Martial Arts is a professional academy with internationally certified instructors who have been instructing for more than 45 years. The quality instruction is demonstrated by the thousands of students who have gone on to positively impact society and who have earned success in a variety of professions, the military, careers, relationships and educational accomplishments. GMA Martial Arts’ instructors are trained to implement a curriculum which teaches goal setting, perseverance and methods for overcoming obstacles. GMA classes will push you to your limit but you will gain energy, strength and stamina. The classes are fun, and you will make life-long friends in a positive family environment.GMA implements modern teaching techniques while instructing each art in its time-honored, traditional fashion along with encouraging students to be their best. GMA instructs beginners through advanced and pro levels, children as young as 3, juniors, teens, adults, seniors and families. We are excited to continue to develop champions in the ring and in everyday life outside the arts themselves.

At GMA Martial Arts, we are family, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of renowned and beneficial instruction as our third generation continues our already formidable legacy. We look forward to meeting our newest family members and watching as we grow together through professional instruction, practice and perseverance.

Once you schedule an online appointment/ trial class, a staff member will contact you and confirm the time and date. When you arrive at the school for your first trial lesson, you will fill-out a waiver and then take a class with one of our black belt instructors.

After your second class, you will meet with one of our master level instructors who will interview each new member to see if they are the right fit for our school. If you are accepted into a program, the instructor will then set a goal plan for your chosen program to help assist you in overcoming the obstacles which may hinder your training and success.

We are family and welcome you as a new family member. We are GMA!

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Whether you are interested in our Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kumdo (Sword Training), or Hapkido, GMA Martial Arts Center has something for everyone!

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Interested in what training at GMA Martial Arts Center can do for you or your child? Take advantage of our special offers today!

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GMA Tutoring

At GMA, we have always taken academics seriously. That is why we offer tutoring to help your child to improve their grades and excel in school.

Kids Camps

During our camps students will learn: improved Discipline, Improved Focus, Improved Manner, Improved Confidence, Improved Techniques, Improved Maturity Summer Camp 2023 Registration Starts Monday 04/10/23 – LIMITED SPACE – 25 children.

After School Programs

We believe in whole self-development of students, including life skills, academics, physical development, and age-appropriate social growth.

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GMA Martial Arts Center of Gallatin will positively change you and your child. Are you ready to take the next step towards a more healthier, confident, dedicated life?

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