What Student Are Saying

Testimonialscan also be viewed at the academy.

We have been teaching professionally for over 45 years, and that in itself should speak volumes. We have many students from all walks of life: teachers, doctors, business owners, law enforcement personnel and military. GMA has changed hundreds of lives and has assisted children in leadership and academic excellence. GMA, over the years, has had hundreds of good reviews and one or two less than perfect reviews. We, however, continue to try our best to bring quality martial arts to our community and to all our students. 

In today’s world, many online reviews can be fake or self reviews. GMA prefers to post the actual letters online and all reviews are tracked via IP & registered by an independent company.  All prospective students and parents are also welcome to visit the academy for a Free Trial Lesson and see our testimonial book containing the actual testimonial letters. You are welcome to talk with our instructors, masters, students and our parents about our programs and our academy.
At GMA we care about all students and family members that enter our academy, so all our instructors are certified and have gone through intensive level 3 (local, state, federal) background checks.  We believe in running an organized, professional and positve martial arts academy.

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