Gallatin Martial Arts  is a wonderful clean training center with over 15000-sqft and 9000-sqft of matted floor space and 3000-sqft of mezzanine  viewing areas.  Global Martial Arts Center is located at 130 N Locust Ave.  We have plenty of parking - You may park in front of the school, side, back or across the street after 5pm plus there is plenty of city street parking, 
We offer top instruction by world certified martial arts teachers. We have a fully equiped studio with stretching machines, training bags, specialty equipment, free weights and  anti-bacterial competition mated floors. Our large waiting areas offer WiFi, study areas, beverage machines, filtered water and water fountains. We also have two bathrooms. kids play room and a locker room with changing areas.  We also have a TV that plays Disney and Sports for your comfort between classes times.   Gallatin Martial Arts is a family friendly academy that teaches professional martial arts to adults. children and families. 

We welcome you to our family and our professional martial arts center.

GMA 3D Tour

Room 1

TaeKwonDo - HapKiDo -  Kung Fu  Room

  • 8 Training Bags
  • Pro Stretch Machines
  • Kick Shields
  • Boxing Pads / Speed Bags
  • Jump Ropes / Bungies
  • Training Swords, Guns & Knives
  • Matted Flooring - Anti Bacterial
  • Throwing Mats
  • Cart Wheel Mats
  • Wedge Mat
  • Balance Beam
  • Bamboo Swords
  • Training Weapons

Room 2

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - MMA - Kickboxing 

  • Matted Flooring - Anti Bacterial
  • Floor to wall mats - Anti  Bacterial 
  • 10 Training Dummies ( W. C.  Style)
  • 6 Heavy Training Bags
  • Fitness Wall Mounted Band TR
  • Speed Bungees - Wall Mounted
  • Cones
  • Sport Ladders
  • Tackle Bags

Area 3

  • Matted Flooring - Anti Bacterial
  • Tredmill
  • Free Weights
  • Cardio Bike
  • Parents May Use - Free ( Must be on waiver)

GYM Included FREE for all parents and adult members  

Waiting Areas. WiFi, TV  &  Study Areas

We have two waiting areas and WiFi for our students and parents to use.

  • Electronic Attendance System
  • Drink Machine
  • Water Machine
  • Wwater Fountain
  • Home Work  Tables
  • TV Area (Disney & Sports)
  • Front & Rear Parent Seating
  • Work  WIFI Areas
  • Clean Bathrooms - Clean Academy
  • Coffee Machine Kurig - Free Coffee for Parents  - Bring a Mug