Great Instruction - Fair Tuition Rates

Free Lesson - No Obligation

Our Monthly Tuition Fee Range: 

$100 to $169 - Monthly Tuition ( Depends on Course)

We also offer Family Discounts 10% to 25% Off

Paid In Full Discounts 

Please visit the academy for a free trial lesson and we will sit with you and try our best to find a program for your budget. 

  • If you join on the first day - We will gift you (One Free Uniform ) 
  • Great Discounted Programs - Fair Price  ($100 to $169 Monthly) 
  • Online Curriculum Videos for all members
  • Free Gym / Weight Room Membership for Parents and Members 16yrs up .
  • Evening & Morning Classes
  • Unlimited Class Options - Open 5 Days Per Week (Saturdays Privates Only)
  • Family Discounts ( 15% - 30% Off  2nd & 3rd Member)
  • Group Discounts ( Saturday Seminars) 
  • Pay Per Class Programs (Buy a Block of Classes) Non-Discounted $20 per class. 
  • Over 60 Classes Per Week
  • 3 & 6 Month Paid In Full - Short Term Trial Programs
  • Non Contract Options - 30 Day Notice To Cancel 
  • Scholarship Programs Available  (Info at the school)

Some Basic Questions

How Much Do Martial Arts Classes Cost?


The truth is that martial arts classes, no matter where in the world, can be all over the board in terms of cost.  On average tuition rates can be anywhere from $120 to $350 + per month, per person. Some academies cost more than others, depending on where you’re located, overhead costs, rents, what type of professional martial arts training you are looking for and the martial art styles offered. 

Our academy is located at 130 N Locust Ave  in Gallatin is a 15,000-sqft martial arts school. The best martial arts academies tend to run a little more in total investment versus an uncertified academy and there’s a reason for this; a nicer training center,  professionalism and world wide certification.

The programs we teach are excellent and are competitive in price.  Over the last 50 years, we have been changing lives and have had thousands of fulfilled students. We constantly strive to provide our students with our best instruction and lifeskill counsel, while always putting our students first.  I’m sure our parents, students, other friendship-academy owners and local school teachers will support our claims of providing a supportive, family-style environment to learn and grow in. 

We can assure you that our students get what they pay for and so much more. In most cases, we are less expensive than many other martial arts facilities. The most important thing is quality before price, and we provide quality instruction at a fair cost. Rather than gimmicks, we work to ensure that we provide the best instruction possible to all our members.

We do understand budgets, but most people who are serious about learning martial arts, go with the better choice based on experience, history and achievements, even if it’s a few more dollars per month.  In most cases, we are talking about a difference of $5 to  $10  per week. I don’t think it’s hard to see the reason why better instruction is more important than the difference of a small amount of money. However, as a family run school, we understand cost is important to all families, so we try our best to keep our tuition rates to a fair price.  

If you are serious about learning, getting  stronger (physically/ mentally), learning practical self-defense, building confidence, improving self esteem, improving life skills, peace of mind and overcoming life's obstacles, all while having a fun workout and making great friends, then we are the martial arts academy for you. 

We are a family-friendly academy and family operated.  We are four generations of martial art practitioners, grandmasters, masters and instructors; we have a proven track record of changing lives inside the ring and outside.

  "We develop the champions of today and the leaders of tomorrow"

GMA offers great programs, experienced instructors, fantastic training, over 60 classes per week and several martial art styles to choose from. We also offer international certification through extra training courses, instructor training programs and seminars.

Welcome to our family.

Why do some schools charge more than others:

  • Decades of Teaching Experience
  • Internationally Certified  Masters Levels
  • Master Levels 4th Dan  to  9th Dan 
  • Olympic / National Competition Level Standing 
  • Yearly Professional / Union Dues 
  • Education Level of Staff Members.
  • Coaching Classes & Recertification Fees
  • Annual Background Checks
  • Cost to Maintain Equipment
  • Cost of Supplies 
  • Length of Training Classes 30m 45m 60m 90m
  • Classes Offered Per Week. ( Part Time - Full Time School)
  • Martial Art Styles offered.
  • Insurance and Licenses
  • Facility Size / Amenities
  • Location / Rent / Operation Fees 
  • Annual Inspection Fees
  • Taxes - City - County -State - Federal 

If you are training somewhere already, train hard and never give up.  By the list above, I am not saying an instructor is good or bad if he charges more or less than another school. What I am saying there is a difference in methods, teaching styles, teaching credentials and operation costs for each martial arts school. In the end, it takes knowledge to run a professional school and develop top students in all aspects of life. In our case as a family, we have over 55 years experience and do not "play" martial arts;  it is our life and has been for four generations.

As we can all see today, many martial artists spend their time behind a keyboard on YouTube and other platforms, bashing different martial art styles from their own style for marketing reasons or attack everyone to just build a channel or worse they are untrained keyboard warriors. When learning an established art from an accredited instructor, it is not the art or martial arts style you learn that makes you great, it is hard work and dedication to training and learning that transforms any art form. 

In today's world many people pick a style based on, "Can I be the best in a week?", Or they just pick a style that requires little effort, like learning the touch-less knockout scam, to avoid attending 2-4 times per week or getting sweaty. Bottom line, if it is a legit system, you will make the art with your hard work and dedication; the art does not make you, you make the art. So, pick something you love and can dedicate your time to. At times, it will be tough and demanding, but don't give up and work hard to achieve your black belt or higher.  Learning is a never ending process in martial arts and in life and the greatest teacher is pain and failure once we learn from our own mistakes then only through goal setting, hard work, desire and determination, can success happen.

"Pain is the greatest teacher but nobody wants to go to his class."  General Choi Hong Hi

Keep in mind not every martial art style is determined in a cage or  a ring, that is just another training ground. Since the beginning of man and historically most traditional martial arts ( the art of military way) where proven on the battlefield and on the streets for the protection of the weak, self protection and survival, martial arts are not intended for boosting ones ego or unnecessary violence. There are rules in a ring or cage, but on the street, there are no rules and no towel to throw in. This is why in traditional martial arts the principles of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, indomitable spirit, loyalty, unity and honor are very important to achieve a higher level of training and knowledge.

Martial arts is so much more than a kick, a punch or a throw. Remember, an unbalanced martial arts education will cost much more after you have to back track and  fix incorrect techniques. Do not fall for inferior training to save a couple of dollars or worse pay hundreds per month for average instruction. Only high level black belts 4th-5th Degree or higher can test lower level black belts and students.  

We work hard and strive to be the best,  and we work darn hard to keep pushing forward to be a family friendly school which teaches great methods and strategies to our students, the same teaching methods that have worked for more than four generations and created hundreds of champions in and out of the ring. Just realize, not all martial art schools are the same, not all teachers are the same.  Look into their qualifications and make sure all the staff have the qualifications to teach, have passed background checks and are also a safe sport school.  (ASAU - USATKD - USABoxing - IBJJF - Kukkiwon - ITF - ITU) 


Thank You

Safety Notice: 

If you find a garage school or backyard school, then it might be a red flag in many ways. There has been many cases of individuals not permitted legally to teach that work in private or in their back yards or garages. (Please note: I'm not saying everyone who teaches in their garage has a serious criminal background, I'm saying please make sure your instructor or academy staff can show you their credentials, certification and background checks to avoid these individuals who are not permitted legally to teach children or adults. Most legit organizations all require yearly background checks and special classes to maintain teaching credentials. 

If you need more information please visit our academy.  All awards and certifications are posted for all to view at the school.