Martial Arts Benefits

Adult Martial Art Classes

In our exciting adult classes, we offer classes in several martial arts such as those that teach inside, outside and ground self defense techniques. We also offers weapons self defense and weapon training classes. This flexibility allows us to offer our adult students a superior curriculum that will meet the needs of each student and may be adjusted to fit your own physical abilities and needs. Everyone of all ages and sizes can learn martial arts to change their lives in a positive way.

We teach more than just kicking and punching, we offer a complete performance program with a proven track record of over 45 years.  Individuals come to GMA from all walks of life. They all attend knowing they will gain not just knowledge of self defense but they also join to start the road to improving their personal power, as well as overcoming many obstacles in life that may have prevented inner happiness, success and a positive way of life.

Our academy teaches traditional martial arts in a positive environment and we offer many excellent styles and recommend you try a class for free. Gallatin Martial Arts is a great place to meet positive people and make life long friends.

Why Learn A Martial Art?

The True Goal of martial arts training is to Better Ourselves:

  • to better achieve your goals
  • to set new goals and make life exciting and fun.
  • to have better peace of mind
  • to be more calm, peaceful and content
  • to be more capable of defending yourself
  • to feel safer in your life
  • to be a powerful person not a victim 
  • Character Improvements that students often describe about martial arts training:
  • increased self esteem
  • increased self confidence
  • increased assertiveness emotional control and stress relief
  • ability to work cooperatively in a group
  • ability to lead others and help others
  • independent learning
  • understanding of other races and cultures
  • Physical Improvements
  • increased anaerobic fitness
  • increased aerobic fitness
  • increased strength and flexibility
  • increased stamina
  • firm and tone your body
  • improve abilities in all other activities
  • mind / body harmony
  • left / right brain balance
  • Increases in physical balance and coordination

These changes will enhance your abilities in all your activities in your broader lifestyle.

Junior Martial Art Classes

Our Junior program is for children ages 7 to 12 years old. Utilizing our proven martial arts training program student's gain confidence and self discipline, while improving grades and improving respect for parents and others.  
Through our program students are taught that having a "positive attitude" at all times is the most important aspect of their training.  In addition, students are taught that martial art skills will develop and hone their future ability to become leaders in our community. 
They are also taught that it requires inner strength, patience, determination and perseverance to attain a Black Belt. Achieving this special level will help them become more successful and happy in life. Through these positive life skills, you, as a parent, will see so many positive changes. Also, learning at our academy will help  to bring harmony to your household and siblings will learn to work better together. Learning at GMA will change your children’s outlooks on life and will give them an opportunity to have a stronger future.

We do not teach violence at our academy, the inappropriate uses of martial art skills are strictly prohibited.  Our instructors work very closely with parents and teachers on any attitude, confidence, discipline or academic issues.  At a lower belt level, students are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA, and at higher belt levels a 3.0 / 3.5 GPA is required to advance to the next belt level. However, we hold our students to the highest academic standards based on their individual capabilities. Our academy recognizes students who achieve excellent grades in their studies by offering awards for high GPA levels. 
We understand that some students have some academic and learning issues which is why our Masters and in-house tutors will work together with parents to overcome those obstacles. We also offer other classes where students have opportunities to attend special training in several other martial art styles. Children love our classes and parents love the improvements. The best gift you can give a child is a brighter future.  

Benefits of the Junior Program

  • Positive Social Interaction:  Teens who participate in our classes will have positive interaction with young adults of their own age. 
  • Self Discipline:  Martial art encourages students to practice good behavior skills and set a good example for others.
  • Improved Physical Skills:  Students will build flexibility and fitness. 
  • Year Round Participation:   The Program is ongoing and offers traditional martial arts (self defense) and Olympic Sport training.
  • Increased Attention Span: The first skill that is taught in the program is FOCUS.
  • Confidence /Self Esteem: The classes are fun to attend. Students will build confidence and self esteem through different group training activities. 
  • Positive Role Models/Values: The Instructors discuss positive lessons and life skills during every class. 
  • Goal Setting: The program includes a belt tip system and tri-monthly promotions. Students will learn through positive reinforcement and positive instruction. 
  • Positive Attitude: The GFMATC  curriculum is developed to assist teens in developing a positive outlook in life. 
  • Success in School: The program will help further memory skills, academic responsibility and guiding the teen towards the direction of leadership development.
  • Success On The Sport Field: The program will assist in giving your child the edge with improve balance and plyometrics training and sports drills.

Little Lions Classes

Our Little Lions program for ages 3 to 6 years old teaches self-control, self defense, manners and goal setting. All our Instructors promote a positive attitude in your child /children. Children learn balance through coordination drills, focus drills and proper techniques of the martial arts, basic tumbling, playing games and having fun staying in shape. 
Children love our academy. Our Instructors care enough about all our students to teach that self-defense and bully-control training are also important parts of their classes. We focus on teaching child safety skills and conflict avoidance training.
We also use plenty of positive encouragement while instilling self discipline and developing better focus.  At this young age we start to prepare them for preschool and kindergarten, so they start with a greater ability to focus and complete the tasks given to them by their teachers and parents. 
Once they move to the junior program, We will start to require more from every child and will hold them responsible to practice techniques and stretching daily. Training at our academy will also bring harmony to your home and siblings will learn to be kinder to each other.  This special program teaches age appropriate martial arts, not violence and negativity.  
All our Instructors have passed a L3 Background Check USATKD / IBJJF.

Little Lion Benefits

  • Positive Social Interaction: Children who participate in our classes will have fun positive interaction with children their own age. Children will also learn to be kinder to others
  • Manners & Etiquette: The instructors constantly enforce these skills to prepare children on how to show proper conduct towards relatives, parents, teachers and friends during holidays and special events.
  • Leadership Development: Our program helps develop a positive leader for a better tomorrow. We do not teach violence we teach life self defense and the confidence to stand for what is right.
  • Improved Basic Motor Skills:  Students will build coordination, balance, control and fitness. 
  • Self Discipline: Martial arts encourage students to practice good behavior skills and set a good example for others.  
  • Accountability/Responsibility: Children will also learn that good behavior is rewarded and positive actions (receive a sticker or a stripe) and negative actions have consequence (no stickers or tip removal for 1-5 days) which prepares them for school and life.
  • Increased Attention Span: The first skill that is taught in the program is FOCUS and the exercises and drills will improve children's concentration.  
  • Confidence /Self Esteem: The classes are fun and easy to follow. Students will build confidence and build self esteem through different group activities.  
  • Positive Role Models/Values: The Instructors discuss positive values, lessons and life-saving skills (talk away walk away) during every class.  
  • Goal Setting/Achieving: The program includes a daily sticker reward system along with a tip system, prizes and belt promotions. Students will learn through positive reinforcement. 
  • Positive Attitude: The GMATC curriculum is developed to assist children in developing a positive outlook on life. 
  • Prepared for Success in School: The program will help develop memory skills, responsibility and guide the child toward the direction of basic leadership development.  
  • Year Round Participation: The Program is ongoing and offers traditional martial arts (self
defense) and Olympic Sport training several times a week. 

 "Only approved equipment and uniforms are permitted in Class"