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In today’s world, it is important that we learn to defend ourselves and gain the edge in life. We, as a family operated academy, are mindful that every person who enters our academy does so for a different personal reason. We have students who join us to improve their lives, learn self defense, improve focus, build confidence, build self esteem, get in shape, build strength, improve stamina, attain peace of mind or just to have a fun workout. If you train with us you will not only learn from top instructors but you will be earning a prestigious black belt recognized worldwide.

Our world certified masters and instructors treat all our students as family. They are always working to change lives in a positive way based on each individual’s personality, needs and goals. Martial Arts are about developing stronger, more confident leaders for a brighter tomorrow and a better community. Gallatin Martial Arts will also try to continue helping the area schools, the less fortunate children, raising money for children’s cancer research, our overseas christian missions and helping local animal shelters. We will do our best to motivate and share our knowledge of traditional, sport and modern combat martial arts to everyone who attends our academy.

Learn from top martial art masters and at an internationally certified academy​

  • GMA Instructors have the teaching experience and knowledge to develop top students.
  • GMA has some of the countries highest ranking master instructors.
  • GMA instructors are trained and ranked in multiple martial art styles.
  • GMA instructors are full time professional martial art teachers.
  • GMA grandmaster level instructors have taught military and police combative methods.
  • GMA master level instructors have certification under top organizations. (TI – ITF – KUKKIWON – IBJJF – KHF – KKHF – WKGA)
  • GMA student belt certification is valid internationally.
  • GMA grandmasters have over 50 years of martial arts experience.
  • GMA grandmasters have over 50 years experience.
  • GMA has been developing national champions, life champions for over 45 years.
  • GMA instructor must pass Back Ground Checks to teach or coach.
  • GMA coaches are certified under several major organizations + Safe Sport Certified.
  • GMA awards, trophies, medals and certifications can be viewed at the school and verified.
  • GMA works to develop leaders, academic excellence, confidence, focus and life skills.
  • GMA is open 6 days per week and offers over 60 classes per week.
Grandmaster Certified
Rocian Gracie JiuJitsu Black Belt
Grandmaster Certified
Black Sash - Sifu
Master Certified
5th Dan level black belt
Master Certified
5th Dan Level black belt belt
Certified Instructor - 3RD DAN LEVEL BLACK BELT
Instructor C. Denzik - 2nd Dan LEVEL black belt

Instructor C. Denzik

2nd Dan LEVEL black belt

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