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Some Basic Questions

How Much Do Martial Arts Classes Cost?

The truth is that martial arts classes, no matter where in the world, can be all over the board in terms of cost. Some academies cost more than others, depending on where you’re located, overhead costs and what type of professional martial arts training you are looking for.
Our academy is located at 130 N Locust Ave  in Gallatin. The best martial arts academies tend to run a little more in total investment versus an uncertified academy and there’s a reason for this; a nicer training center,  professionalism and world wide certification.
The programs we teach are excellent and are competitive in price.  Over the last 45 years we have been changing lives and have had thousands of  happy students. We constantly try to give our best and go the extra mile for our students.  I’m sure our parents, students, other academy owners and local school teachers will back us up here.  

Just read our thank you letters and comments. (Click here to read the testimonials)
We can assure you that our students get what they pay for and so much more. The thing is, would you rather go cheaper to save $5 less per week  and learn the wrong techniques or would you rather pay a little more and learn from one of the best?  Most people who are serious about learning martial arts, go with the best, even if it’s a few more dollars per month.  In most cases, we are talking about a difference of $5 to  $10  per week.  I don’t think it’s hard to see the reason why better instruction is more important than the difference of a small amount of money.  
We understand everyone is on a budget and people work hard for their money.  That is why if you are serious about learning, getting stronger (physically / mentally), learning
self-defense, building confidence, improving self esteem, improving life skills, overcoming obstacles, while having a fun workout and making great friends, then we are the martial arts academy for you. We are a family friendly academy and family operated. 

GMA offers the top programs, top instructors, International certification, great training, over 60 classes per week and several martial art styles  to choose from. 

Welcome to our family.

Why do some schools charge more than others and some charge for belt exams?

1) Internationally Certified  Masters

2) Master Levels 4th Dan  to  9th Dan 

3) Teaching Experience

4) Olympic / National Competition Level Standing 

5) Yearly Professional Dues  To Top Organiuzations

6) Education Level of Staff

7) Student Union Dues 

8) Coaching Classes & Recertification Fees

9) Annual Background Checks

10) Cost to Maintain Equipment

11) Cost of Supplies for Testing

12) Quality of the Belt Certification

13) Length of training class 30m 45m 60m 90m

14) Classes offered per week.

15 Martial Art Styles offered.

16) Insurance and Licenses

17) Facility size / amenities

18) Location & Rent

19) Payroll

20) Taxes - city - county -state - federal 

If you are training somewhere already, train hard.  By the list above, I am not saying your instructor is good or bad if he charges more or less than another school. What I am saying there is a difference in methods, teaching styles, teaching credentials and operation costs.
In the end, it takes knowledge to run a professional school and develop top students in all aspects of life. In our case, we have over 55 years experience and do not "play" martial arts;  it is our life.

GMA as many top martial arts centers in the USA, we set our prices based on our experience and overhead cost to maintain a nice clean facility, top masters and top instruction. There are some instructors with little certification or experience, who just want to build a school by offering ridiculously cheap classes.  By offering classes at discounted prices, these schools are destined to close down or down size.

I dislike when I read about school owners who charge less, then accuse others of overcharging when basic financial knowledge and calculations are essential to remaining open. This just shows they lack what it takes to run a professional, high instruction level school and do not have or believe in their qualifications or instruction quality.  In the end a serious school owner needs to understand what it takes to run a professional martial arts business so they can stay open for years to come.
In the end no professional school owner wants to let their students down and what instructor wants to work two jobs to keep their school open, that will never last too long.    So if your school is growing, then it's being operated professionally.  If its always moving
to a smaller location or low income area, then it can be a red flag.  Ask yourself:  If your school goes out of business or you move is your certification worth anything?  If certification or quality is not important to you, then these issues need not be considered.  Ask yourself: Do you want to learn martial arts or play around/ dabble in martial arts?
If you want to learn martial arts then look for the most qualified teacher.  If you want to play around in martial arts, then there is no need to worry about qualifications or experience.
I have many students from schools that have closed, who needed to start over again because they chose a cheaper price or just did not know there is a difference, but still received incorrect training from an unqualified instructor.  In the end, martial arts education cost them much more after having to back track and relearn incorrect technique.
Do not fall for inferior training to save some money or pay hundreds per month for average instruction.  Not all martial art schools are the same.  Not all teachers are the same.  Look into their qualifications and make sure all the staff have the qualifications to teach. The current average in the USA for quality martial arts instruction is around $100 to $250 per month per person depending on the area and the qualifications of the staff members.
As for us, we have been teaching high level martial arts training for over 35 years and keep our price fair because we are family operated.  We also try to go above and beyond while training our students because we care deeply about every student, parent and grandparent. We provide guidance and instruction for the full development of all our students to the best of our ability, always.
Thank You

If you need more information please visit our academy. 

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We Offer To All Our Students

All below rates are based on a 12 month Program

  • We offer world certified instruction by top Master Instructors
  • We offer traditional martial arts training .
  • We offer practical effective self defense training.
  • We offer a full-time professional training.
  • We offer over 60 Classes per week.
  • We offer academic tutoring. 
  • We offer an in house Child Devlopment Expert
  • We track academics and home behaviour with all children
  • We offer classes for special needs children and adults.
  • We offer no gimicks or additional upgrades or team charges.
  • We offer a clean parent waiting areas and plenty of seating.
  • We offer an electronic  attendance system
  • We offer a clean modern 4200sft  training facility.
  • We offer WIFI and Coffee for parents.
  • We offer a professional weigh loss service with our affiliate.
  • We offer top instruction at a fair prices.
  • We offer non-contract options please visit the academy for those prices.
  • We offer 3 month and 6 month trial programs.  ( 3 Month Paid in full Trial Program)
  • We offer One  Free Trial Lesson or 3 For $29.95  
  • We offer 3 Trial Classes fo $29.95 ( Join by the 2nd class we will give you a $20 Credit)